Service 1

We are passionate to come together on every Sunday Worship to Praise and lift the Name of Living God at our Centre. Our usual time for the main Church service starts at 09:30am, and finishes at about 11:30am. We usually start with Praise and Worship followed by a Word of encouragement and then giving of testimonies. We encourage people to stand and share their experiences with God and testimonies to see how God is working in their own lives. We are encouraged by the Preaching and the teachings of the Word of God on these Sundays. We live by the Word of God, and our minds are renewed by feeding on the Word.

therefore, come and see what God is doing in the lives of poeple that have met God in their lives. You too can have an encounter with the Living God we serve.

Service 2

New Believers

Ministry Profile
The New Believers Ministry provides a nurturing environment for new believers, emphasizing a deep and committed relationship with Jesus Christ. The 10-week New Believers class provides interactive small group format, encouraging Bible study and fellowship.

The heart of this ministry is to guide and direct new believers to God’s Word. Those who Teachers the Word of God serve the New Believers, answering their questions and tackling issues of the heart.

* Please note: Registration is not required to attend this class. Only if you would like to apply to join the New Believers Ministry to be a volunteer servant leader should you apply online.

New Believers Classes: (Open to everyone)
Day: Sunday
Time: 9:30am–10:00am
Location: At Divine nternational Church
Community Education Centre
22 Clifton Court
P O Box 14806
Panmure 1072

Involvement Requirements
Attendance in New Believers Classes open to all.
Volunteer servant leaders welcome.

Service 3

Prayer Meetings

"It’s wonderful to be part of a fellowship of believers who are burdened to pray. Prayer is strong evidence that we are finding the heart of the savior we love. That’s what Hannah did in the book of Samuel. In essence, she prayed: “Give me life, new life within, and I will dedicate that which is formed in me for your use and glory.”

So many now, as Hannah did, are yielding their lives to be channels of God’s provision for a needy world. Pray for others. Be ready to be God’s answer for their need. That’s what Jesus did."

We appreciate people who call the Church into their homes for a church burdened prayer. We gather together every Wednesday night at 7PM to cry out to God for our families, our communities, our nation and our world. We know that when we pray believing that God hears us, he will answer in an awesome and supernatural way because God has chosen to move through the prayer of his people.

On the second Wednesday of each month, Divine International Church hosts a Pastors Prayer Meeting where pastors and leaders come together and pray for one hour for our city, our ministries, our families. These meetings have progressively grown and we are believing God for a mighty move in our city.

Will YOU join us to pray?

Church Notices

Christmas Service and Program
We will be having a Christmas Service in the morning starting at 10am - 12:30pm on the 25th December 2013, followed by some Christmas Programs. The Youths and the Kids will be presenting some Items. You are Invited to this event, and we will
have a shared meal together.